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How Do I Measure The Success Of An Influencer Marketing Campaign?

Like with any marketing effort, the success of the campaign depends on a number of factors including your goal. This blog post will focus on a few different goals or mix of goals that make sense for determining the success of your influencer marketing campaign.

Let’s say you are a new brand or an established brand launching a new product – your goal might be to get great images of your new product to use on your brand’s channels or for your brand’s content marketing efforts. In this case you’ll want to consider an influencer strategy that involves working with several influencers (for variety) who produce very high-quality content.

Maybe you aren’t exactly sure who your target market is or what message will resonate best with your target market – influencers marketing is a great way to conduct A/B testing for qualitative and quantitative results. For this type of marketing research, you’ll want to work with influencers in one niche category using two messages or influencers in two niche categories using the same message. Working with influencers who have particularly high engagement will be important for a successful campaign with this type of goal.

Maybe your goal is to simply make an announcement and working with influencers is the most effective way to reach your target audience. In this case, you’ll want to focus on influencer reach as a goal.

Similarly to any marketing effort - with regular or ongoing influencer marketing campaigns– you can begin to track results over time. It’s amazing what you can discover about your brand and your target audience by working with influencers.

If direct sales is your goal, you may want to focus on influencers who are willing to work through an affiliate program. This way you are only paying for users who take some level of action or conversion. In this instance, you may have less control over the messaging or quality of content - but you will have a direct tie between marketing spend and sales.

In summary, reach, engagement, feedback and sales can all be appropriate goals to set for an influencer campaign.

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